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Traditional and complementary medicine Techniques
مركز الحياة دار الطب والحكمة لتقنيات الطب الشعبي الأصيل (التقليدي والتكميلي)

CM Life Center

Cosmic Meditation

Traditional and complementary medicine Techniques
مركز الحياة دار الطب والحكمة لتقنيات الطب الشعبي الأصيل (التقليدي والتكميلي)


Ziyad Dalawi Al Attar

Life Coach
Breathwork Practitioner
Meditation and Reiki Practitioner
Traditional and complementary medicine Specialist

CM Life Center
مركز الحياة

Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine Techniques

دار الطب والحكمة لتقنيات الطب الشعبي الأصيل (التقليدي والتكميلي)


العلاج بالأعشاب والنباتات الطبية


العلاج بالزيوت العطرية

Honey, Royal Jelly, Pollen

عسل ، غذاء ملكات النحل ، حبوب اللقاح

Garlic oil Treatment

العلاج بزيت الثوم

Food Supplements and Vitamins

العلاج بالمكملات الغذائية والفيتامينات

Migraine therapy

علاج الشقيقة والصداع النصفي

Dry and wet cupping therapy

العلاج بالحجامة الجافة والرطبة

Leech therapy

العلاج بدودة العلق (العليقة)

Moxa Stick Rolls Moxibustion

العلاج بالكي الموكسا

Vertebral Hernia Treatment

معالجة الإنزلاق الغضروفي

Rhomboid Pain therapy

معالجة آلام الأبهر (الوثاب)

Belly button therapy

معالجة شلع السرة (هبوط البطن)

Private Massage

العلاج بالمساج الخاص

Varicose veins therapy

معالجة دوالي الساقين

Reflexology Sessions

العلاج بالرفلكسولوجي (الانعكاسي)

EFT tapping

العلاج بتقنية الحرية النفسية

Time Line therapy

خط الزمن

Sophrology Sessions


Spiritual Support

الدعم الروحي والنفسي

Stone and crystal therapy

العلاج بالأحجار الكريمة والكريستال

Reiki Therapy Sessions

جلسات الريكي

Bioenergy therapy Sessions

جلسات الطاقة الحيوية

Tibetan Sound Bowl therapy

جلسات التبت الصوتي

Pendulum therapy

العلاج بالبندول

Incense Therapy

العلاج بالبخورات الطبيعية

Music therapy

العلاج بالموسيقى

Healing with Cosmic Pyramid energy

العلاج بالهرم

Hair health care

العناية بصحة الشعر

Face care and sensitive areas

العناية بصحة الوجه والمناطق الحساسة

Beauty Secret

التنحيف وإزالة الشحوم الزائدة

Vaginal Rejuvenation

تنظيف وشد المهبل

Body Booster and Boost Energy

مقويات جنسية وبدنية

Life Center

مركز الحياة دار الطب والحكمة

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Life Center

Unblocking Chakras and Aura Cleanse


Meditation doesn’t have a religion and can be practiced by anybody regardless of the faith they follow

✺ Effortless transition from being something to merging with the infinite and recognizing yourself as an inseparable part of the whole cosmos.
✺ In a meditative state, you are in a space of vastness, calmness and joy and this is what you emit into the environment, bringing harmony to the Creation.
✺ Meditation can bring about a true personal transformation. As you learn more about yourself, you’ll naturally start discovering more about yourself and love yourself.

Spiritual Energy

What are the signs that your spiritual health is deteriorating:

✺ Feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions like jealousy, envy, anger, frustration, etc.
✺ Lacking zeal in life even when you are working on a daily basis.
✺ Lacking a sense of purpose in life.
✺ Feeling the need to understand life, self, and others at a deeper and profound level.
✺ Stressed with workloads and burnouts.
✺ Feeling anxious and panic-stricken.
✺ Overthinking situations.
✺ Lowered overall energy.

CM Life Center

Locations of the chakras

Important Note: Bioenergy application is not a diagnosis or medical treatment application, but a scientific application that provides balancing of the body’s energy body.
For the above-mentioned ailments, the bioenergist can never claim a definitive diagnosis and medical treatment.
Can’t make any promises or guarantees.
Bioenergy session eliminates system disorders of the body. It strengthens the immune system.
By balancing the energy and tuning the body, the body re-establishes its healthy system.
It is your responsibility to follow up on your medical treatment and controls.


Medical massage helps to regenerate and relax the muscles. It increases blood circulation and thus oxygen flow in the body. Thanks to this application, very sore and tense muscles get rid of their toxins, which helps the muscles to strengthen and heal.


Techniques suitable for the regions and tissues required according to the results of the examination in medical massage; It is applied by determining the time according to the needs of the area to be treated. Some of the techniques applied in medical massage are:

Stroking: It has the effect of relieving pain and relieving muscle spasm. It works the sweat glands. While it helps to remove toxins through sweat, the nutrition of the skin becomes more regular with the increase of circulation.

Friction: It is applied to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Adhesions and hardening in muscles and muscle groups are removed by friction applications. However, care must be taken not to damage the skin.

Kneading: Increases the elasticity and activity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It is effective in solving the spasms and cramps that occur in the muscles. It accelerates the flow of blood accumulations in the capillaries to the large vessels and the pressure in the capillaries decreases. If it is done strongly, ecchymosis occurs.

Vibration: Since it has stimulating and soothing properties of nerve endings, it has a relaxing and pain-relieving feature.

In addition to these techniques, techniques such as taping, slaping and pinching are also applied.

CM Life Center


A reiki session will make you feel as if you are floating in a bubble of light, and it can give you different levels of consciousness and spiritual experiences.

Reiki energy treats the person as a whole, physique, emotion, mind, spirit. Emotions felt at the end of a reiki session; It is a feeling of relaxation, peace, security and general well-being.


Life force energy travels through our physical body through chakras, meridians, and nadis. It also flows through the energy network that surrounds our body, called the aura.

Life force energy nourishes organs and cells. When this energy flow is blocked, the organs and cells it supports become unable to function properly.

This energy is interrupted when we have a bad thought or feeling about ourselves, consciously or unconsciously.

Reiki treats these disconnected energy networks by tracing them and refilling them with this life force energy. This raises the vibrational level of the energy network in and around our body to which bad thoughts and feelings are attached. This, in turn, leads to the disappearance of these thoughts and feelings and the life energy flows correctly and healthily through our body.


The invisible life energy force circulates within us and ensures our survival. If this energy is low, we have less resistance to illness and stress. If this energy is high, we have a greater capacity to be happy and healthy.

If the flow of “Ki”, ​​that is, life energy, is interrupted for any reason of internal or external origin, ruptures and disorders occur in the body and mind that cause the person to become ill. So every illness is the result of ruptures that disrupt the flow of Ki and a warning that our soul gives us to prevent wrongdoing in our lives and get us back on the path of peace and truth.

Reiki is not about eliminating bad energies, but raising their vibration. It aims to learn with wisdom, not suffering. With Reiki energy, the person discovers the cause of his pain, and while his body heals, the thought or feeling patterns that created this disease in him also heal and do not repeat themselves again.

Stone and crystal

The Precious stones and semi precious used in the treatments in our center





Green Fuchsite



Belemnite Fossil




Rose Quartz




Massage Therapy

You can easily access the services we offer and contact us when necessary

Classic Massage

It is done to save the body from daily troubles, to relax and rest.

Medical Massage

Medical massage, which doctors insistently recommend, prevents many diseases.

Reflexology Massage

Every point on the foot is connected to one of our cells. Reflexology massage restores the energy flow in the body.

Physical and Spiritual Refreshment

Experience transformation with our High Frequency Cosmic Pyramid energy sessions

Cosmic Meditation healing therapy

Cosmic Meditation healing therapy

Cosmic Meditation healing therapy

Healing session with Cosmic Pyramid energy

Healing session with Cosmic Pyramid energy

Healing session with Cosmic Pyramid energy

Dry and wet cupping therapy
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جلسات العلاج بالحجامة الجافة والرطبة
(معرض الفيديو)


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