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الدعم الروحي والنفسي والطاقة الكونية عن بعد

Spiritual Support & Energy Remote session

رسوم تحليل مستوى الطاقة الروحية والهالة والشاكرات السبعة 30,000 دينار .
رسوم الجلسة تبدأ من 50,000 دينار ويمكن أن تصل إلى 200,000 دينار حسب الجلسة .
يمكن أن تستمر الجلسة من 30 دقيقة إلى 120 دقيقة تقريبًا حسب وضع المريض وحالته .

What is Remote Energy Support?

Energy is the basis, or root, of the issues you experience. When a part of your physical, emotional, or mental self feels pain, you know a message is being sent to alert you. When an acute message is ignored, over time it becomes a chronic cry for help. The pain grows louder, dis-ease sets in, and a diagnosis is often delivered.

Does it mean your dis-ease is permanent? Even when you’ve been told that it is?

Of course not. Remember, you are a sovereign BEing of love-light. You have deep healing abilities within you…at all times! You are the creator of your reality.

If you believe you are “doomed”, your wish is granted. If you trust you can transmute the pain, trauma, or old harmful beliefs into healing energy, you can!

When you feel tired and exhausted, your body is gently asking for rest so it can heal. If you’ve been resting a lot, and are still feeling stuck or unwell, you may need outside support from someone who can be the conduit of healing energy for you.

In a remote energy session, you receive the additional energy necessary for you, your body, and your higher self to use to heal you. You are your own healer because you are always connected to Infinite Source. You are the light!

A remote energy session supports you with opening and aligning your chakras to be fully open and receiving. It supports you with releasing old stuck patterns and energies within you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It allows you the much needed “me” time where you lay down, listen to some music, and receive exactly what you need in the moment. You can meditate. You can visualize. You can release. The experience is wholly yours to choose.

Now more than ever, it is important to protect and clear your energy field. Oftentimes, others’ energies can linger in your auric field and in your physical body for days, months, and years. Those energies can influence you to be someone you are not, and to make decisions that are not correct for you. That impacts your ability to draw prosperity into you.

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