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Pyramid Healing Technique

Pyramid Healing Technique

What is Pyramid Healing Technique – How does a pyramid work


What if someone tells you that your lost energies can be detected and healed, using the Pyramid Healing technique.  Just as we come across this word “Pyramid”, it subconsciously connects our mind to “Egypt” or maybe just a “geometrical pattern”. This is not just a simple pattern with four sides, in fact, this shape is proving to be the effortless solution to our gigantic problems.

Likewise, do we know that most of our body related ailments are not even body related? There is nothing wrong in saying that medical treatment cures your body and mind. But, we also have to understand that it’s not only our ‘body’ and ‘mind’ which needs all the attention and cure. Above all, it is the in-depth aspect to be taken care of, is our “Soul”.

Physical Body of an average human being accounts for 0.01% of the total energy. Mind accounts for 0.99% of the total energy. Most noteworthy, ‘Soul’ alone is liable for 99% of the total energy of the human being.

Pyramid healing targets the soul of a human being and completely uplifts it. It helps you to get rid of all your negative vibes and succours in reducing the levels of stress, pain and anxiety. This therapy aids you in experiencing greater joy, jubilation, confidence and positivity in your surrounding aura, thereby, making you feel more euphoric.

Life Positive offers support to all those people/seekers, who genuinely wish to learn from the Pyramid healing sessions. This science is magnetizing millions of people due to its popularity. You can also reap the immense benefits of Pyramid therapy and live a complete life.

What is Pyramid Healing: How is it related to Chakras:

Egypt was the first country to invent this method, and later it became popular in other parts of the world. A few scientists have discovered that pyramids have energy properties that help in healing many types of diseases. There is a special property of a pyramid. It deflects any type of cosmic rays that are falling on its apex.

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These deflected rays combine with earth’s gravitational force and form a new and powerful bioenergy field. Pyramids deflect all the rays falling on its apex without affecting the centre and this indicates that it is safe at the centre surround by bioenergy field. Pyramids have a good ionization effect and so they enhance oxygen intake in the body and improve our concentration.

Pyramid energy healing is the most powerful technique that will help you in healing and balancing of the chakras. The power of the pyramid has supernatural traits. Meditating or just taking a short sleep under a pyramid especially in the centre, helps to synchronise the seven chakras of the human body.

Why only Pyramids: What’s special in a pyramid

Energy correction system

The pyramid is the world’s first and only pre-energizing, highly polarizing, and saturated Energy Correction System, which reduces Geopathic Stress from land and buildings to the extent of 98% within one week of installation. It has supernatural and paranormal properties.

Geopathic Stress

If a non-pre-energizing, un-polarizing and un-saturating pyramid is installed upon land and building having Geopathic Stress, then such Pyramid would aggravate the Geopathic Stress and may cause severe health and behavioural problems leading to deteriorated life performance.

Potential Recovery Index

Pyramid with an energy index of 100 is the perfect energy healing centre for each and every disease, disorder, an ailment that afflicts mankind; subject to the patient’s ‘Potential Recovery Index’. Potential Recovery Index is the weighted average of the patient’s age, history of a personal/family physical and emotional health condition, occupation, food habits and lifestyle. Geopathic Stress severely impairs, impedes, and inhibits Potential Recovery Index.

Why should we involve in Pyramid Energy Healing


Most of the people involving in this pyramid healing process are able to realise the actual meaning of peace and tranquillity during their meditation sessions inside the pyramids. People have genuinely realised that they were brutally helpless when they just started this therapy. Now after getting sessions, they are transforming from being helpless to being helpful. In the shade, the seeker remoulds from less to full.


People who are experimenting with pyramid healing meditation, describe their experience as a total relaxation of their body. This supernatural process helps in shutting out of unwanted and irrelevant thoughts and feelings.

The core of this point is that is, it relaxes your soul. Finally, when your soul heals, you will feel a reduction in weight. So, you feel transported, leaving all the negative things behind which weigh you down.


Seekers are finally achieving the correct state of consciousness which is ultimately allowing them to reach the profound inner levels and harnesses the hidden energies. Being conscious means that you are aware of what’s happening around. Here, pyramid healing will definitely help you in decoding ways to be more conscious. Through pyramid healing, you will be totally aware of what’s happening inside you, instead of just being aware of what’s going on outside.


It transforms the agitated and turbulent behaviour into the calm, concentrated, peaceful and intelligent living. When you move out of the pyramid or will keep a pyramid instrument next to you. Then you will feel familiar with the nuances of your transforming soul.

At last, if you are trying hard to regain your lost energies, using pyramid healing therapy. Then, this is the time to ignore all the pseudo healers and instead meet a genuine pyramid healer, who will act as a catalyst and will accordingly speed up your supernatural process.

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